The way to Decode The particular MSF-60 Radio stations Time Sign

The MSF-60 atomic time synchronised radio stations time transmitting is made use of by several NTP Moment Server and also PC pcs to offer accurate synchronisation of energy critical software. This write-up describes how a MSF-60 moment signal will be decoded simply by NTP Moment Server and pcs to provide an accurate timing guide.

The MSF-60 Moment Transmitter

The MSF-60 moment signal can be a long-wave radio stations time sign broadcast coming from Rugby, Warwickshire, Great britain. The radio stations signal will be maintained simply by BT Radio stations Engineering Companies under contract from your National Physics Clinical (NPL). Coming from 1st Apr 2007 the particular MSF-60 transmitting will exchange to Anthorn, Cumbria, using atomic time and moment code equipment given by VT Marketing and sales communications.

When decoded, the MSF-60 moment signal offers a highly correct timing guide for NTP Computers, clocks as well as other computer timing products.

Signal Insurance coverage

The MSF-60 radio stations time sign broadcast may be satisfactorily received through the entire British Isles and much of North-West The european union. Reception issues can typically be caused by local enviromentally friendly conditions. The air signal may be blocked simply by metal constructions or casings, which become a Faraday parrot cage. Additionally, signal reception may be difficult around electrically noises equipment. Radio receivers must also be positioned above soil.

The MSF-60 Moment Code

Moment and time information will be transmitted continually, repeated each minute. The info is carried as on-off provider modulated, pulse-width coded info signal. Each info bit will be transmitted together pulse every second. The info transmitted contains the existing time and also date, step second signal, daylight conserving time signal and parity parts.

A 500-millisecond provider off period of time indicates the start of each second. The some other 59 seconds include between 100 and also 300 milliseconds provider off and no less than 700 milliseconds regarding carrier about.

Transmitted Info.

Time and also date details is introduced in BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) format which is encoded as follows: bits 1-16 are employed to convey information regarding the variation between atomic and also astronomical moment (DUT1).

The rest of the bits, 18 to 59, contain time and time information regarding the existing minute since follow: parts 17-24, BCD encoded yr (00-99); parts 25-29, BCD calendar month of yr (01-12); parts 30-35, BCD encoded evening of calendar month (01-31); parts 36-38, BCD encoded evening of few days (0-6, 0 = Saturday); parts 39-44, BCD encoded hour or so (00-23); parts 45-51, BCD encoded second (00-59).

During British Summer months, bit 58 is defined to ‘1’. Also inside the 60 minutes before a modify in British Summer months, bit 53 is defined to ‘1’.